Special Day – Special Food!

Sushi Platter

Sushi Roll Plate A: California roll, spicy tuna roll, shrimp tempura roll (88pc for 8 persons) – $89.99

Sushi Roll Plate B: Salmon w/ cucumber roll, tuna w/ avocado, California roll, cucumber roll (120pc for 10 persons)$109.99

Sushi Roll Plate C: Rainbow roll, tiger roll, dragon roll, cherry blossom roll (128 pc for 11 persons) – $199.99

Sushi Roll Plate D: Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, cooked shrimp sushi (32 pc for 4 persons) – $94


Korean Catering Menu

Tasting Menu: Choice of 2 tasting menu and 3 side dishes (seasoned vegetables), steamed rice – $16.99/person

Entree Menu: Choice of 1 Korean entree menu and 3 side dishes (seasoned vegetables), steamed rice – $17.99/person ($3 more for la galbi)

Minimum 20 persons

Kids Catering Menu

Kids Bento: Bulgogi, side dishes (seasoned vegetables), koroke, salads, rice – $9.99

Kids Bibimbap: Mixed bowl of rice, fried egg, variety of vegetables (choice of beef, seafood, vegetable, pan fried tofu) – $8.99

Minimum 20 Children