So you’re hosting an event. You have the guest list, the venue, and have made all the arrangements. It’s quite a bit of work putting something together, whether it’s a large birthday party, a wedding reception, or a corporate event. And in the midst of getting all the last-minute details hammered out, you have to ask yourself if you really have time to prepare enough high-quality food to feed your attendees.

Korean food and the best sushi in Dallas are the specialties here at Dami Korean Fusion. We offer catering services to the area, and scheduling is easy. To learn more about our offerings, and to get started, call us now!

Here are some of the items we offer for catering (also keep in mind that we can take special requests, too!)

The Best Sushi Platters

Go beyond a slab of roast beef or a sandwich station. Sushi is a delicious and unique offering for your event, and we have several platters with a number of rolls. Everything is beautifully prepared, visually stunning, and most importantly, incredibly delicious. The best sushi is prepared fresh for the best flavors possible. Visit our catering page to see which platters we offer, but keep in mind that we can take care of special requests, too!

Authentic Korean Food and BBQ

BBQ is a wonderful choice for an event, but have you considered Korean BBQ? Our meats are marinated and prepared to have the most explosive flavors on the tongue, and they’re ridiculously tender. You’ll love our bulgogi, LA galbi, spicy pork, don kasu, and ak galbi, to name just a few. Or, for other traditional Korean foods, consider our bibimbap, kurry, soondubu, and more. They are richly flavored, and wonderful combinations of meats, veggies, and rice.

Selections From Our Tasting Menu

Small bites are a fantastic way to allow your guests to sample a number of dishes to explore Korean-style food. They can expand their palate, and try things they might not have in the past. And those who love the Korean classics such as kimchi, pajeon, and dumplings will especially enjoy this type of menu.

Kids Catering Menu

We haven’t forgotten the kids! We know that some kids are picky eaters, and we’ve planned excellent choices so they aren’t left out at your event. A bento is a fun way for them to try delicious foods from our menu. Or the kids’ bibimbap brings a dish of rice, fried egg, veggies, and a choice of chicken, beef, seafood, veggies, or pan-fried tofu).

Ready to get started with your catering event? Contact Dami Korean Fusion, which is Dallas’ best sushi and Korean food. You’ll love the incredible amount of detail and thought we’ve put into our catering menu, and your guests will surely enjoy the exciting and spectacular foods we bring to the table.

We believe that food is medicine, and all our dishes are nourishing to the body and the mind. Make us a part of your next special gathering and have us cater your event. Contact us now to make arrangements!