Treating yourself to a sushi dinner is a wonderful experience. If you’re brand new to sushi, you’ll probably feel a bit lost when you take a look at the menu for the first time, and that’s completely normal. Even if you’ve been going to the same sushi restaurant for ages, you’ll still find some surprises, whether in the menu, etiquette, or secrets of the restaurant.

At Dami Korean Fusion, we want to make the most of your sushi and sashimi experience. We serve only the highest quality fish and authentic ingredients, making your dining meal one you won’t forget. Come by our location at 17421 Preston Road in Dallas, or call 469-941-4879 to make a reservation. We look forward to seeing you!

Read on to learn more about how to order sushi like a pro.

Ask for Recommendations

Whether you’re sitting at the bar watching the sushi chef (itamae) prepare your food, or at a table, ask for recommendations (this is called omakase style, or “I’ll leave it to you”). Your itamae will be happy to help you find just the right roll, and will likely prepare something that showcases his artistic skills. If there is a particular fish you know you don’t like, or an ingredient you’re allergic to, be sure to share this up front.

Ask Questions if You’re Unsure

Navigating the menu can be an adventure, and you might run into circumstances where you don’t understand what an ingredient is or a type of preparation means. Leaving a plate with food remaining is not good etiquette and a waste of food, so you want to be sure you’ll like what is served. Your server and itamae are happy to explain things you don’t understand, and answer questions about the rolls.

Don’t Order Too Much

This goes with not wasting food, of course. But your sushi meal is served in courses, so when you’re ordering rolls, you’re also getting a bowl of miso soup, salad, tea, and other delicious foods to go with it. Additionally, be careful of ordering far too many rolls—be sure you understand how much food you will receive.

Know the Difference Between Sushi and Sashimi

Sushi and sashimi are commonly confused, and it can be disappointing to see a plate full of nothing but raw fish when you expected beautifully prepared rolls. Sushi is sticky white rice prepared with rice vinegar with fish and other ingredients. Sashimi is just the fish with no rice.

Order a Variety

With all the complex flavors the various fish can offer, avoid ordering just white fish or just red fish. This won’t provide a diverse array of flavors, and will result in a less exciting experience. Get a variety of fish to include white, red, dark, and other colors, and eat them from light to dark once they arrive.

At Dami Korean Fusion, we create a sushi and sashimi experience that’s out of this world. Come to our Dallas location and be prepared to be amazed. We also serve delicious authentic Korean food and a variety of Asian fusion dishes. Visit us today!