Going out for sushi is a fun occasion, and seeing a sushi chef’s artistic creations is almost as fulfilling as tasting them. If you’re new to sushi, you might be nervous about the etiquette. That’s completely normal, and we at Dami Korean Fusion are happy to help acquaint you with some of the finer points of eating sushi to make your meal the most pleasurable it can be. Stop by our location at 17421 Preston Road in Dallas, or call (469) 941-4879 to make a reservation. Delectable sushi creations are our specialty!

Know How to Eat It

When you sit down for a meal at a sushi restaurant, you’ll immediately notice a set of chopsticks, as well as a few small bowls. Nigiri sushi is rice topped with a brightly colored slice of fish, and it’s much easier (and good etiquette) to eat with your hands instead of with chopsticks. When you try to use chopsticks with this type of roll, you’ll only end up pinching it and making a mess! Sushi rolls will also be easier to eat with your hands. Sashimi is raw fish that’s thinly sliced, and you’ll want to eat it using your chopsticks.

Don’t Drown It

The fresh fish we use is incredibly delicious and tasty on its own, but can be complemented by a small dash of soy sauce (pour a small amount in the little bowls on the table). However, resist the urge to soak your sushi in the sauce. The saltiness will overpower the delicate flavors of the fish, vegetables, and other ingredients, preventing you from enjoying the full experience. A dab of wasabi will come with your sushi and sashimi, and you can mix just a tiny amount at a time in your soy sauce. Careful, though—it’s a very powerful seasoning, and can become hot fast!

Eat it in One Bite

We’ve already told you to eat with your hands, and now we’re going to go against another rule your elders likely taught you growing up: eat the roll in one bite! Sometimes you’ll get a mouthful, but when you try to eat your roll in two bites, it’s just going to fall apart and become messy.

Eat in the Correct Order

You might be surprised to hear that there is an order to eat sushi. This will create a more flavorful experience, allowing you to enjoy it to its fullest potential. Start with the whitest fish, which are usually lighter in flavor, and move to darker and darker fish, which are heavier in flavor and oils. Be sure to cleanse your palate with the pickled ginger on your plate and a sip of tea.

When at a Sushi Bar…

If you’re fortunate enough to sit right at the bar where the sushi chef (itamae) is preparing your rolls, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, only speak to the itamae when asking for sushi because the waitstaff will bring drinks, salads, soup, and everything else. Instead of asking if the fish is fresh (it is always fresh at Dami!) ask for recommendations—you will likely be treated to some incredible creations you’ve never tried that highlight his skills. Ask before taking photos of him, and don’t feel too badly if he’s a bit busy and can’t chat.

At Dami Korean Fusion, sushi and sashimi are just one of our specialty items. We serve authentic Korean BBQ, udon, fusion soups and salads, ceviche, and more. Come visit us today!