When you’re dining at your favorite Korean fusion restaurant, or about to try one for the first time, you might be interested in learning more about Korean dining etiquette. While following standard table etiquette is undoubtedly fine, we thought you’d be excited to learn more about Korean dining etiquette.

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Here are some Korean dining etiquette pointers!

Dish Placement

Where you place dishes, eating utensils, drinking cups, and napkins matter. You will likely have chopsticks, a spoon for soup, bowls, plates, and various cups to work with, and knowing where they go can help with the flow of the meal. Start with the dry and cold foods (rice, for example)–these should be set on the left-hand side, and the hot, liquid foods (like soup) should be on your right. From left to right, you should place your vegetables, sauces, and meat dishes, and kimchi dishes behind that row. Never hold the soup or rice bowl while you are eating (this is common in China or Japan, though!).


As for your eating utensils, you will keep them on the right, with the chopsticks nearest your plate and the spoon farther to the right. You should never hold the spoon and chopsticks in the same hand–place your chopsticks on the table when you’re using your spoon. And speaking of the table, you’ve likely become accustomed to placing your utensils on the plate, but this is not the case when dining on local Korean food–the utensils go on the table.


Toasting a Guest of Honor

Toasts are enjoyed all over the world, and Korean etiquette is no different! The term used is cangai, and it pretty much translates to “bottoms up!” Now, when you are the guest of honor, it is up to you to call for the cangai and say a few words. This should happen at the very end of the meal. Keep in mind that the guest of honor should be seated in the middle of the table, with the host opposite him or her.

When to Begin Eating

Wait until every person in your party has been served before beginning to eat. If you’re dining with a guest of honor, allow them to begin eating first. When dining with a business colleague who is a higher position than you, they will eat first. And so it follows that an elderly person or parent will start the meal as well. Follow this person’s lead and eat at the same pace so that he or she doesn’t feel rushed.


Fill the glasses of the people you are dining with, and never fill your own. Watch for the level to reach about halfway, which will be your cue to top it off.

Enjoying local Korean food is a fun experience, and can be further enjoyed when using Korean etiquette. Eat at the best Korean restaurant in Dallas. Visit Dami Korean Fusion today!